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TWave T8

The TWave T8 Online Machinery Supervisor is a smart and cost effective Condition Monitoring System (CMS) for industrial machinery.

Protects and supervises your critical machines 24/7, while providing the most advanced tools for the analysis of their condition.

It is an IoT based solution for condition monitoring. It is an autonomous system with high storage capability and an intuitive web interface.

Condition Monitoring System

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Thanks to its great processing capabilities, TWave T8 is able to sample all its 8 channels simultaneously at high speed (up to 51.2 kSPS). Its long internal pre-buffering allows real-time measurements on all channels, regardless of the sampling time required for calculation.


TWave T8 does not require any software installation. Its user interface can be visualized directly using a web browser. This facilitates the remote access to the configuration and analysis dashboard, and enables its use from any kind of device (computer, tablet, smartphone).


TWave T8 is a very small instrument (119x95x28 mm) with an extremely simple architecture: the system is composed of just the sensors and the monitoring device, it does not require installing any external server, software or database. This helps to minimize installation and maintenance costs.


The powerful application within the TWave T8 provides experts with all the tools required to analyze and diagnose industrial machinery. The system is compatible with most of the standard techniques in predictive maintenance: vibration analysis, ultrasounds, temperature, electric parameters, etc.


TWave T8 optimizes the operation and maintenance of industrial machinery:


Monitors the health condition of the machinery, allowing the optimization of the periodic maintenance programs.


Minimizes the probability of catastrophic breakdowns that may endanger the whole production process.


Helps to extend the useful lifespan of machines and their components, thus improving their productivity.


Helps to reduce the spare parts in stock and the machinery maintenance and operation expenditures.


TWave T8 helps to detect the failure modes of industrial machinery in many kinds of industries





Centrifugal Compressors

Electric Motors

Wind Turbines

Steam Turbines

Gas Turbines

What makes TWave T8 different?


TWave T8 helps to detect the failure modes of industrial machinery in many kinds of industries: Pumps, Fans, Gears, Cranes, Centrifugal Compressors, Electric Motors, Wind Turbines, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines...

Web-based, intuitive, fast, and user friendly. The TWave T8 state-of-the-art interface is designed for efficient visualization of the measurements, including keyboard shortcuts, and timelines for a quick and intuitive access to historical measurements.

TWave T8 allows flexible strategies for data storaging, based on different kinds of events and conditions. Measurements may be created using custom formulas defined by the user. Different alarm levels can be defined for each machine state. All of this makes the system extremely versatile and suitable for the monitoring of any type of industrial equipment.

Based on a web interface, TWave T8 has been optimized to work fluidly and securely while using remote Internet connections. It has been designed as an IoT-ready condition monitoring system.

Due to its small size, the TWave T8 fits in very small cases or cabinets, making the system easy to carry and install at any location. Its high internal storage and monitoring capabilities make the system ideal for portable applications. No server or external device is required.

The TWave T8 is able to record and store long waveforms automatically, based on flexible conditions defined by the user. Its pre-buffering capability makes possible pre-trigger waveform records, capturing data before the trigger condition is met.

TWave T8 is a rugged industrial instrument with high processing capabilities. It includes many types of filters, detectors, and signal processing options, such as order tracking or demodulation techniques, while staying extremely efficient and reliable.

Its simplicity combined with its high processing power, storage capabilities and embedded interface, make the system very easy to install, operate and maintain. No server or external software is required. All of this makes TWave T8 a very cost-effective option for monitoring your critical equipment.

Using external hardware modules connected to the Expansion Port, custom inputs or outputs can be added to the TWave T8 unit: voltage/current inputs, temperature inputs, tachometer inputs, 4/20 mA current outputs, relay outputs, etc.

TWave T8 can be configured to act as a MODBUS-TCP Client and/or Server, thus facilitating integration in most usual industrial communication buses.



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